What are the advantages of using a kitchen and bath design firm over a general remodeling firm for my kitchen/bath project?

Our company specializes in kitchen and bath design.  Just like you wouldn’t go to a general surgeon for hip surgery, you shouldn’t rely on a general contractor to give you the same attention to detail that a kitchen and bath designer would.  We are immersed daily in the hundreds of details required to design, engineer and install your new kitchen/bath.  We can take your project from a rather mundane kitchen/bath remodel into something quite extraordinary.

How much is it going to cost?

Since each project is unique, one of primary goals up front will be to help you define the scope of your project, down to the smallest detail, in order to develop a realistic budget.  By avoiding inaccurate, free ballpark estimates, we provide accurate pricing upfront so you can avoid cost overruns down the road.

Where do you work?

We are located in Glen Ellyn, a western suburb of Chicago.  However, we do projects throughout Chicagoland.  We have completed projects in Michigan, Wisconsin and as far away as Naples, Florida.

What style do you specialize in?

We don’t specialize in any particular style.  Our goal is always to listen to your needs and desires and develop a design that is highly personalized for you and your family.  We also feel it is important to consider your home’s architectural exterior and interior and this almost always weighs in our our design process.

How much is your design fee?

We do not do free design renderings.  The exact fee for your project is determined by the scope.  A typical design retainer for a mid-size kitchen or master bath is $2,500.  If you would like your drawings released to you prior to contracting with us, the retainer is 10% of the estimated cost of your project.  Both fees are non-refundable and are applied back to the cost of your project at contract.

Do you carry liability and workmen’s compensation insurance? Are all your workers licensed and insured?

Yes, we do carry workman’s compensation insurance as well as general contractor’s liability insurance, and we require every trade contractor who works for The Kitchen Studio to be appropriately licensed, fully insured and registered/bonded as required by local building codes.

How long will my project take?

A typical mid-size kitchen or bath remodel takes about 6-8 weeks to complete.  This is the actual time your space will be out of commission.  Before work begins, the upfront planning process typically takes 1-2 months, and the time needed to allow for materials to be produced can take 1-3 months.  So, from start to finish, you should allow an approximate 6-month period from the time you start the planning process until the time the job is 100% completed.  Again, this can vary widely depending on your project’s scope.