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It’s Not Your Grandma’s Kitchen Sink

It used to be that choosing a new kitchen sink took a few simple minutes due to the limited options. However, with today’s increasing emphasis on sinks as a focal point of the kitchen, many new options are available. Styles, colors, sizes and designs have all exploded over the past few years giving you endless choices. Here’s help in how to choose the best sink for your project:

Farmhouse Sinks


You can’t look at any current kitchen magazine without finding a farmhouse sink.   Known also as apron-front sinks, they have an exposed front that typically protrudes beyond the sink cabinet about one inch, and often the bowl itself is deeper than the average sink to accommodate oversized pots and pans. They are available in either single or double basin designs.

This classic design is perfect as a focal point in a traditional-style kitchen, but is also becoming trendy for contemporary spaces when done in materials such as stainless or stone. White porcelain or fireclay remain the most popular material choices for this type of sink, but you can also find them in copper, nickel and even wood.

Galley Sinks


Now, imagine a sink where everything you need is right at your finger tips. The Galley Sink is revolutionary in function and design. It is a long rectangular sink that combines food preparation and clean up into one singular space. Wash, rinse, drain, slice, dispose, boil and serve all at your sink. With the use of accessories like cutting boards, colanders, bowls, draining racks that ride on two tiers and the addition of a portable induction burner, this sink offers unbelievable function. This is a sink to design your whole kitchen around.

Granite Sinks


These sinks, although called “granite” are not actually granite. They are made up of engineered materials that contain micro particles of natural stone. The sinks are silky smooth to the touch and much harder than natural granite so are very chip and crack resistant. They come in an array of colors and styles to match any design.

Prep Sinks


Also know as entertainment sinks, prep sinks offer a smaller, second sink for overflow use. Homeowners are seeing the value of having an additional sink, commonly in the island, which can be used for a second cook or clean up. A trough sink, which is a type of prep sink, is a long narrow rectangular sink, that can be used for entertaining and even serving when filled with ice.

When it comes to trends in kitchen sinks, bigger is better. This has lead to the large single-bowl becoming very popular. A single-bowl is more efficient for rinsing and washing, especially for large pots and pans. Accessories such as bottom grids and cutting boards can be added to make the most of the larger single bowl. Some sinks work as a single bowl but also have a low divider to provide some level of separation.  Stainless steel and cast iron remain the top two materials, but with so many new unique materials being introduced, rest assured that the perfect kitchen sink is out there waiting for you.

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