Multi-Functional Bathroom in Wheaton

Project Location: Wheaton, IL

Design Challenge: This project was completed for clients who wanted a comfortable, accessible first floor bathroom for their grown daughter to use during visits to their home as well as a nicely-appointed space for any guest. Their daughter has some accessibility challenges so the bathroom was also designed with that in mind. The original space worked fairly well, but we were able to tweak a few features to make the space even easier to maneuver through.

Solution: We started by making the entry to the shower flush so that there is no curb to step over. In addition, although there was an existing over-sized seat in the shower, it was too deep and uncomfortable to sit on and wasted space. We made the shower a little smaller and then provided a fold down teak seat that is slip resistant, warm and comfortable to sit on. Thus we were able to create some additional storage by way of open shelving to the left of the shower area. We added some additional hidden grab bars or “grabcessories” at the toilet paper holder and shower shelf for an extra layer of assurance. Large format, slip-resistant floor tile was added eliminating as many grout lines as possible making the surface less prone to tripping.

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